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Paula Quintela | CON OJOS Y DIENTES (With Eyes and Teeth)  

Paula Quintela | CON OJOS Y DIENTES (With Eyes and Teeth)  

Main Gallery

19 March - 4 June 2022 
Latin American born artist Paula Quintela, trained in Painting, Printmaking and Photography in Chile and Canada before making Brisbane her home. She has exhibited her installation, printmaking and mixed media works in Chile, France, Argentina, New York and Hong Kong and was the recipient of the 2018 Clayton Utz Art Award.

Her individually crafted mixed-media works explore displacement by an intermingling of poetic, literary and domestic references. This new body of work is a mélange of her experiences of multiple cultural mythologies merging with those of the indigenous cultures of her home country. In Con Ojos y Dientes, the artist has introduced ceramics to her installation, giving new form to the creatures and stories that inhabit her 2D print-based multimedia works. 

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Artist: Paula Quintela   
Curator: Cassandra Lehman 
Medium:  Printmaking, ceramics, mixed media, installation  

IMAGE: WIP detail, Paula Quintela, 2021