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Brisbane, Queensland

Est. 2016 and manufactured respectfully on the lands of the Yuggera, Turrbal and Gimuy peoples, LORE is an original textiles concept developed by Wakka Wakka, Gurang Gurang, Butchulla artist/designer Shannon Brett.  LORE references local stories through oral histories and archival analysis centred in the "Australian" black experience, as vibrant expressions in material form.

Shannon’s experience as an artist, designer and educator, with many years experience as a fashion designer and textile artist working across various art centres in Queensland means LORE’s products are truly one of a kind.

LORE’s creations are featured as spectacularly colourful garments, accessories and luxurious lengths of screen printed fabrics designed by Shannon Brett.

Each garment conjures dialogue around identity, culture and Country and is created as part of a thematic body of work.

Garments are available in realistic sizes.

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