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Megan Puls

Gold Coast, Queensland

Megan is constantly creating, experimenting and pushing boundaries. She has over 50 years experience in the traditional forms of ceramic and clay art. Her work is highly awarded, acquired and widely exhibited. The pieces encapsulate and enhance the perfect imperfections of the natural world.

Megan’s ceramics are clean and simple and reflect the importance of the ocean and the shore environment in her life.  She finds the vast diversity of shore life captivating and it plays an important role in her art. Rock pools, plants, ponds and the sea continue to be an exciting base for her to draw inspiration from.  

"Inspired by the natural landscape.  I have a fascination with our ever-changing environment and a deep passion to create.  Particularly the extraordinary and ever-changing world of the wetlands.  Each of my vessels tells the story of nature.  Organic in shape. Quiet in manner.  They evoke the beauty and complexity of our fragile ecosystem."

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