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Be Nice Pottery by Sarah Thompson

Brisbane, Queensland

Sarah started learning about ceramics at Clay school in Brisbane, over four years ago and  works from her home studio in West End. Working with clay provides a creative outlet that enables Sarah to indulge in her love of both design and illustration.  It also allows access to a wonderful ceramics community, which provides so much inspiration and encouragement.

Be Nice Pottery uses designs and bold colour to generate a sense of fun and for each creation to be useful or to have a specified purpose. Sarah hopes her ceramics can be associated with simple pleasures, like eating the perfect dippy egg, or the joy of a little person waiting for the tooth fairy.

The little face that appears on a lot of Sarah's work is inspired by the happy little face of her pottery assistant and son, Frankie, who has ridiculously long eyelashes.

Be Nice Pottery is a tongue in cheek reminder to be nice.

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