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UNLEASHED - Artist Profile: EB Jewellery (Ebony Birks)

UNLEASHED - Artist Profile: EB Jewellery (Ebony Birks)

EB Jewellery

Meanjin (Brisbane)


Ebony Birks, jeweller and designer behind EB Jewellery, is a proud descendant of the Kamilaroi and Dunghutti people and draws inspiration from both her cultural background and modern influences when creating her hand-crafted pieces. Ebony takes artistic inspiration from an enduring sense of identity and personal relationship to country.
Her studio is currently in Brisbane, Ebony is a young designer with a distinctive aesthetic to her art and jewellery. Using recycled Australian precious metals, Ebony's brand aims to demonstrate the significance of the environment through jewellery design.
Ebony has recently started a new direction with her brand by taking a slow approach against the fast fashion world by producing and designing one-off pieces. A pathway for Ebony to continue designing and exploring jewellery that will be unique pieces of art.




Image credits:

EB Jewellery (2024). Photography by Ebony Birks.
EB Jewellery (2024) The Reflect Earrings, silver. 10 x 3 x 0.175cm. Photography by Ebony Birks