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Program Director

Simone Linssen

Simone Linssen is an experienced Gallery Director and Curator. She has worked with both commercial galleries and public cultural institutions, connecting practitioners with the community through exhibitions, workshops and awards. She has been embedded in Brisbane’s creative ecology for over a decade as an artist and art professional. She is dedicated to supporting the arts, with a history of creating new and exciting opportunities for artists and practitioners.

Retail Manager

Mel Simmonds

Mel Simmonds has recently joined our team after 10 years of self-employment in her gallery/concept store in Brisbane and northwestern NSW.  Prior to this, she worked in rural primary schools and communities delivering arts programs.  She spent 20 years living in remote areas of NSW and feels passionate about making art accessible to all. Mel has been a practising artist for 10+ years working as a painter.  She also teaches art lessons to adults and children. 

She is dedicated to the arts and its impact on our
communities, large and small.    

Retail Assistant

Lorissa Toweel

Lorissa Toweel began her creative journey early in life, and she later pursued her artistic calling with unwavering dedication.
Through a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Painting and Jewellery & Small Objects, from Queensland College of Art, her passion for jewellery was reignited.

Inspired by the vibrant J&SO Community, Lorissa embarked on a mission to build stronger micro art communities and platforms, fostering unity and artistic growth. Her vision is to create spaces where artists can flourish, collaborate, and connect with their audiences.


Throughout her artistic journey, artisan has always offered a sense of community and belonging. It is no surprise that she found her way into the artisan family where she enjoys fostering meaningful relationships with the craft-oriented hearts that stroll through it’s doors.

Gallery Technician/Retail Assistant

Imogen Corbett

Imogen is a New Zealand artist specialising in oil painting and portraiture. 

She first discovered artisan through the Jewellery and Small Objects department at Queensland College of Art through which she interned with artisan's exhibition crew.

Imogen has fostered a passion for the installation process to develop a deeper engagement and understanding of both the artwork and the artist's intent and is inspired by artisan's dedication to the considerate delivery of these elements through their exhibitions. 

Accounting & Finance Officer

Suzanne Dark

Suzanne Dark has been providing bookkeeping and accounting services for over 25 years. Her diverse career has taken her from Mackay to Brisbane, London and even Vanuatu. She has gained extensive experience working with creative firms along the way, including artisan for the past ten years.