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Peter Farkas

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Peter is a QLD based wood turner who works from his eclectic workshop on a hilltop property near Pomona on the Sunshine Coast.  Peter has been practicing for twenty years and is inspired by the practice of collecting and finding unique shapes and forms that naturally occur in unique shapes and forms that naturally occur in each piece of timber.  Peter previously studied pottery and glass blowing and brings this background to his approach to woodturning.  Peter was a professional photographer for around thirty years and carefully considers how each piece might be displayed or photographed as an artwork; show and light cast by each object heavily informs how Peter interprets the potential future form.

"I try to make my work different from most woodturning you normally see.  I like the challenge of turning a bit thinner.  It's interesting to see how the grain will display in a new piece"

- Peter Farkas

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