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Amanda Bromfield

Lennox Head / New South Wales

Amanda Bromfield is a Northern Rivers artist. Her studio Lennox Ceramics operates on the land of the Bunjalung Nation.

She is a member of the national Clay Matters group of environmental clay workers and teaches ceramics at Murrwillumbah Tafe. She has a Master of Fine Art from the National Art School in Darlinghurst in Sydney Australia.

She is both a geographer and historian. For many years she taught HSC and International Baccalaureate Geography. Her expertise lies in environmental studies.

Amanda’s art practice is multidisciplinary. She performs and makes videos about women’s stories and environmental issues. She dresses as a koala and marches about in public places. Her marches are dedicated to creating public awareness about climate change, loss of biodiversity and, specifically, the immediacy of saving the koala. Amanda’s short movie Army of One documents her daily marches in the Sydney CBD and across rural NSW

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