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Amy Carkeek | UNSEEN

Amy Carkeek | UNSEEN

Machinery Street Gallery

10 June - 10 July 2022 

Scrying, taken from the English word descry, means to catch sight of something that is difficult to discern. Scrying mirrors are considered a form of divination and have been used throughout the ages and in countless cultures. Their dark reflective surface reveals messages or signs from the past, the spirit world, and the unknown future. In this re-embodiment of the scrying mirror, the historic glass surface has been abrasively etched with what could be perceived as commonplace quotes. These words are taken from the present and authoritative individuals within institutional systems of power. Once separated from their context, the words ask for greater examination as the darkness and mirror-like surface is twofold, acting as a cautionary warning and an unsettling invitation.


Unseen brings together several works from the series Descry (2021- present) in a space that illuminates the ritualistic practice of concentrating energy and impeding unwanted noise. These works aim to emphasise the underhanded and casual language used against women to ensure their persecution, and the failure of a system which benefits from women’s subjugation. Through the reinterpretation of the ancient scrying mirror, Unseen attempts to position the audience in a state of seeing that which is often hidden and continuously endured.



  1. We can’t wave a magic wand and fix all your problems, 2021, Timber frame, spray paint and etched antique glass
  2. Perhaps we are a little late to the table? I think not. , 2021, Timber frame, spray paint and etched antique glass
  3. Or is this a case of a husband being driven too far? , 2021, Timber frame, spray paint and etched antique glass