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"Fearon came about slowly and via a strange path. Mark and I had a contract in Melbourne making large-scale water trucks. We taught ourselves how to build everything from the tank to the pumping system. Mark comes from a background in boiler making and worked fixing big ships around Australia, and I did a stint of plumbing when I was younger. While we were working on the trucks, we started making metal furniture as a side thing for our creativity and to have some fun with design. 

Then in 2019, we decided to move back up the coast to set up our own fabrication workshop. Once we got into it, we were making lots of different custom things out of metal: staircases, large-scale windows, custom tables and doors, and still building trucks and shipping them back to Melbourne. There were some off-cuts from a tank in our warehouse, and we decided to make a sample stool that we later called The Chub. I showed my friend Pip (who owns Curated Spaces) and she put them on her website to sell and it rolled really organically from there. We’ve been adding to our furniture collection since then." 

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