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Anita Wano-Sumner

Yuwi Country (Mackay, Queensland)

Aunty Anita Wano-Sumner (nee Ah Wang) was born and raised in Mackay. Her interest has always been in handcrafts whether it be crochet, or dressmaking/sewing and now, as a weaver. She uses weaving methods from her husband’s heritage; the cultural art of Ngarrindjeri (Lakun) weaving with reeds and rushes taught to her by South Australia local elders (2012 – 2016). After traveling to many areas in South Australia with her two Ngarrindjeri mentors Phyllis Williams and Eileen McHughes, she observed other traditional weaving styles of weaving from South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory and Central Australia.

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Anita Wano-Sumner
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