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Spectra - Artist Feature: Mast Furniture

Spectra - Artist Feature: Mast Furniture



Mast Furniture




Mast Furniture is a furniture design and manufacturing studio based in Brisbane, Australia. In operation for 10+ years, Mast has built a national and international reputation for producing original furniture of the highest quality. With an in-depth knowledge of traditional woodworking techniques, combined with modern manufacturing technology, Mast’s production capabilities position them uniquely in Australia to produce high quality, technically challenging furniture. 


Q. What part of being involved with Spectra are you most excited about?

A. We really love making furniture for local homes and projects, so showcasing our furniture to a local audience in a gallery setting is a new and accessible way for people to see the kind of work being produced in their community.


Q. What is your favourite element of the piece you have in the exhibition? This could be related to the design, process and fabrication stages, or be something to do with the end result.

A. It's all about the details for us, the smallest change can have a huge impact on the overall design of a piece. Both of the chairs we've included in the exhibition involve steam bending - a really unique production method in Australia.


Q. What is something intriguing about your work that our community of craftspeople, designers, arts workers and enthusiasts might appreciate?

A. We examine everything we do under the idea of ‘Good design. Made right.’ It's a simple phrase that embodies several key aspects of who we are, what we do and what we want to achieve. It relates to the quality of our products and their longevity; our environmental impact; and the people who work with us and their well-being. It is an ethos that allows for continual improvement and a guide that lets us know if we are moving in the right direction.





Image credits:

Mast Furniture, Torii Chair. 2018. Walnut, 570W x 420D x 710H x 450H(seat) mm. Photo Courtesy: Toby Scott.

  Darcy Starr, Portrait image of Mast Furniture (from left to right: Rory Morgan, Kati Morgan, Christian Hakannson, Chris Nicholson (seated), Adrian Gjedsted), 2023.