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Ross is a maker, artist, designer and educator. He has taught in studios, schools and tertiary institutions. He has designed and made giant restoration/conservation projects and intimate domestic furniture, sonic sculptures and listening devices, display furniture for libraries and galleries and a bunya infinity forest for the National Museum. 

 "I approach designing and making as a sensuous collaboration with both material and process. Working with wood resonates deeply with very old human traditions across most cultures. It can be approached as a process of feeling, reading, listening and responding to the vast life story of a tree within its interconnected community of biotic and geophysical relationships across time frames. For me, wood is an emplaced life story, a view into the past, present and future of the more than human community. This understanding means that I grant considerable agency to material and to process. 

In a series of recent projects, I have worked with and in the Bunya forests and plantations. These Auracarian giants are the remnants of the coniferous forests of deep time, the probable providers of European amber and contributors to Australian dirty coal, and home and kin to the Traditional Bunya Peoples of South East Queensland. In working with these giant, prickly, ancient, generous beings it is impossible to ignore the extended communities and conversations that are happening, often clearly at the edge or beyond my sensory and perceptual capacities. Karla and I imagined the wind harps as amplifying and translating the participant voice of the wind that moves and speaks intimately with these communities." 

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