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A collaboration between award winning Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander artist Lisa Waup, designer Ingrid Verner and Craft, this collection embodies Waup's graphic visual artworks, exploring themes of connection, identity and country. Four original works - Homeward Boundaries, Land Mapping, Family Circles and Protection were drawn upon to build the series, linking immediacy of their visual narratives with Waup and Verner's history and practice as artists.

Verner is a project by Ingrid Verner that operates across womenswear, accessories, homewares, textile design and collaborations.

Inspiration is drawn from an exploration of surroundings, the here and now, and the everyday. a curiosity in the relevance and influence of Australian culture and lifestyle breaks down tired and clichéd perspectives. 

Collections employ the use of varying and contrasting techniques and ideas woven together. Original hand drawn and photographic prints as well as unique textile elements speak to a preoccupation in the dialogue between surface and structural design.

Tailored utilitarian shapes are produced in sportswear compositions – inspired by the instinctual beauty of professional and personal uniforms. Canvassing concepts of how we dress in line with our modern-day ambitions, Verner offers shapes for women that provide a sense of equality and comfort. verner regularly collaborates with likeminded artists, adding a further layer of interest to each collection.



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