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10 July to 22 August 2020

AboutFace is the result of conversations that occurred on the artisan at home Facebook group in March/April 2020. It takes as its departure, the highly evocative symbol of COVID-19, the face mask. In these extraordinary times, the iconic image of the surgical mask has emerged as a symbol for COVID-19 and the era of social distancing.

To document this, artisan invited the making community to make, remodel, rework, embellish and decorate the simple home-made surgical mask as a creative reflection of the current global experience.

Selected masks now form an online exhibition and also a window exhibition. The AboutFace exhibitions together showcases 64 artists and 104 artworks from Australia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Poland, South Africa and the UK.

In acknowledgement of the indiscriminate nature of this crisis, to make this a level playing field, the works are displayed anonymously. Individual masks are only identifiable by the title of the work. All the contributing artist's names are listed separately, alphabetically.




Artists exhibiting in the online exhibition:

  • Analia Adorni, Argentina
  • Undral Altan, Australia
  • Daniela Beltrani, Italy
  • Lavoslava Benčić, Slovenia
  • Seruni Bodjawati, Indonesia
  • Sharka Bosakova, Australia
  • Nathalie Brewer, Australia
  • Renata Buziak, Australia
  • Paul Byrne, Australia
  • Karen Clarey, Australia
  • Selene Cochrane, Australia
  • Anita Cole, Australia
  • Catherine Conaty, Australia
  • Jodie Dix, Australia
  • Stephen Eddleston, United Kingdom
  • Deborah Eddy, Australia
  • Leah Emery, Australia
  • Michèle Fandel Bonner, USA
  • Vanessa Finnerty, Australia
  • Lulu Geraghty, Australia
  • Aleksandra Gisges-Dalecka, Poland
  • Rosanna Hawes, Australia
  • Cindy Huntley, United Kingdom
  • Sunday Jemmott, Australia
  • Jasper Karo, Australia
  • Akina Kato, Australia
  • Madhu Khanna, Australia
  • Kurshida Khushi, Bangladesh
  • Ambar Kusuma Wardhani, Indonesia
  • Denise Lamby, Australia
  • Kay Lawrence, Australia
  • Sharon Laycock, Australia
  • Simone Linssen, Australia
  • Ann Lund, Australia
  • Karen Lynch, Australia
  • Lise Macdermott, United Kingdom
  • Truly McCandless, Australia
  • Louisa McCarthy, Australia
  • Di McGhee, United Kingdom
  • Tahnee Mcilwraith, Australia
  • Aileen McPhee, Australia
  • Ogochukwu Okpoko, Nigeria
  • Chloe Parker, Australia
  • Anne Phillips, United Kingdom
  • Paula Quintela, Australia
  • Jo Rees-Jones, Australia
  • Mandy Roe, Australia
  • Cecilia Jean Rollinson, Australia
  • Mona Ryder, Australia
  • Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, Australia
  • Carmen Seaby, Australia
  • Pamela See, Australia
  • Isabella Shepherd, Australia
  • Julie Smith, Australia
  • Muhammad Lugas Syllabus, Indonesia
  • Amelia Jan Tahere-Angus, Australia
  • Michelle Vine, Australia
  • Jana Visser, Zambia
  • Agustina Tri Wahyuningsih, Indonesia
  • Bridie White, Australia
  • Carolin Rika Winata, Indonesia
  • Xiaoqi Wu, Australia


IMAGE: REDISCOVER # 1, #1: cotton yarn, 2020