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Jessica Nothdurft
Brisbane, Queensland

Jessica Nothdurft is a multimedia artist living and working in Brisbane, Queensland. Following studies in visual arts at TAFE Queensland (2003-2004), she continued her art education at Queensland University of Technology (2005-2008). Since then, she has developed her art practice.

Jessica Nothdurft works in a variety of media, including oil, ink and metal, to produce evocative documentations of her life experiences. In her hyper-restrained line works, a battered housewife, pregnant dogs, cages and crouched forms recur. By drawing on the familiar visual languages of artists from Giacometti to Louise Bourgeois and Jenny Watson, Nothdurft transforms highly personal circumstances into universal scenes. In turn, her faux-naive style explores the existence of struggle below the surface and the many facets of shame.


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