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MAIN GALLERY + WONDERKARMA ROOM | 22 June - 19 October 2024


Unleashed is Artisan’s longstanding biennial exhibition project which curates a select cohort of early-career contemporary craft and design practitioners from across Queensland.  Unleashed has been instrumental for over 2 decades in launching the careers of some of our state's best talent.  

This year our invited curatorium includes of Anna Varendorff, one of the Unleashed 2006 cohort and now a leader in the Australia Craft and Design Sector.  Anna will join the 2024 curatorium including Dr Elizabeth Shaw, Dr Carol McGregor, Ian Were, Delvene Cockatoo Collins and Trish Szonert to select 2024’s exemplary and emerging practitioners for this year’s showcase.  

Currently accepting submissions from organisations and practitioners Queensland-wide, please view the submission form here or contact us for further information. 



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Unleashed image strip




Image Credits:

JoTeo, Ephemera, 2020, dimensions variable. Unleashed 2020 Exhibition. (Credit: Louis Lim)

A.C.V Studio by Anna Varendorff, Edging Over Vase, 2022, thick brass. Unleashed 2006 exhibition.

Dan Watson, Set of knives, forged 1084 high carbon steel blades with various timber handles, composite, and recycled brass details, 2022. Unleashed 2022 exhibition.

Nicolette Johnson, Granite Sprouting Vase, 2018. Unleashed 2018 exhibition.

Peta Berghofer, Before you know it, 2020, stoneware, engobe & glaze. Unleashed 2020 exhibition. (Credit: Louis Lim)

Studio Flek, The fourth prototype, 2022, dimensions variable. Unleashed 2022 exhibition.

Studio Flek, Mycelium (Ganoderma steyaertanum), sawdust. Unleashed 2022 exhibition.