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Melbourne Design Fair 2023 - Artist Feature: Bruce Reynolds

Melbourne Design Fair 2023 - Artist Feature: Bruce Reynolds

Bruce Reynolds, The Second Time Machine. 2022-3. Installation view at Specualtive Archeology at artisan. Photo Courtesy: Merlin Aizier


Bruce Reynolds

Meanjin / Brisbane

2022 winner of the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Meanjin/Brisbane based artist Bruce Reynolds recent work is created with primarily architectural materials, deliberately resisting the constraints of the art with a capital A. His recent works are reminiscent of architectural fragments and ruins, yet close inspection reveals contemporary industrial surface impressions, gestural marks and material ooze.
Well known for his public art, Reynolds work is represented in major collections around the country. Wildly prolific and dedicated to his practice, his work is often simultaneously exhibited in 3 or 4 major venues at a time.
Scalable either up or down, his recent vessels are highly sought after and exceedingly collectable.