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Melbourne Design Fair 2023 - Artist Feature: Mari Hirata

Melbourne Design Fair 2023 - Artist Feature: Mari Hirata

Mari Hirata, Deepest Blues Arch Earrings, Drop Earrings and Stargazing Pendant. 2019-20. Sterling silver, ultra saturated pigment paint, 25 mm x 10 mm and 80 mm x 22 mm. Photo Courtesy: Mari Hirata.




Mari Hirata

Meanjin / Brisbane



Mari Hirata is a visual artist and silversmith based in Meanjin/Brisbane, working predominantly in the jewellery, sculpture, installation, and photography, with a profound emphasis on notions of multiplicity and repetitiveness. Her installation and photography work has been exhibited in The National Gallery of Australia and other in venues throughout Australia, has been collected widely and published in magazines such as Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar.
In her collectible, wearable pieces, Hirata uses a mixture of precious and base metals, stones, pearls, paint, paper, and found objects. Most of her works are hand formed and fabricated in her home studio – making each creation a unique piece of wearable art. Her distinct style responds to her surroundings and relational concepts, while reflecting the aesthetics and sensibilities of her Japanese cultural heritage.
Hirata’s collections explore the coming together of form, space, and light – seeking a balance between interpersonal archetypal forms and personal narrative. An amalgamation of symmetry and the organic, they reflect both natural and man-made landscapes, drawing from the aesthetic sensibilities of her multicultural heritage.
In 2023, Hirata will be exhibiting a new range of collectible jewelery at the Melbourne Design Fair




Mari Hirata, Deepest Blues Arch Earrings. 2020. Sterling silver, ultra saturated pigment paint, 25 mm x 10 mm. Artwork Courtesy: Mari Hirata.

Mari Hirata, The Space Between. Photo Courtesy: Mari Hirata.