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Stitch Cult exhibition essay

Stitch Cult exhibition essay

Stitch Cult (3 August – 15 September 2018) is an exhibition that investigates the social significance of embroidery and its practice, and breaks down preconceptions by exploring what embroidery can be.

Stitch Cult presents a contemporary perspective on the uptake of embroidery by a new generation of Australian artists, whilst acknowledging the practices and virtuosity of the past.

The exhibition features recent work from Eddy Carroll, Emma Greenwood, Trudy Inkamala, Liz Payne, Demelza Sherwood, Jeanette Stock and Sera Waters; alongside historical works from the Embroiderers Guild of Queensland Inc.

The artists in this exhibition are telling personal and social stories through their work, addressing notions of identity, ritual, embodied knowledge, myth and value. Works included encompass the shifting concerns of materials and form, explore notions around art and craft, and technique versus intuition.

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Image: Liz Payne, Prototype (detail), 2017, acrylic on cotton with hand embroidery and beading. Courtesy of the artist.