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Anna Markey
Brisbane, Queensland

Having thrown her first pot as a young child of the seventies during her mum’s ‘pottery phase’, Anna Markey of A Ceramics knew pottery ran through her veins.

Years on, after juggled a successful career with family life, Anna rekindled her love of pottery. She is back on the wheel fulltime from her Brisbane home studio, specialising in beautifully crafted, high-fire stoneware pieces for everyday use and a range of pendant lights for architectural projects.

Anna’s inspiration comes from the earth, the environment, and the seasons. She throws, kneads, digs, and even dreams clay. Anna wants her pieces to be held to feel the surfaces and to be chosen to bring warmth. She wants the coffee cup to be the one that fits your hand and the bowl to be just right. Her pieces are not made to need others to match, but some have their own little family.

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