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MAIN GALLERY | 23 June – 2 September 2023

Opening event: Thursday 22 June
Opening speech by Catherin Bull followed by performance by mezzo-soprano singer Shikara Ringdahl.

In conversation: Saturday 24 June
Join Curator Cassandra Lehman and guest speaker Michelle Vine in conversation with artists Hannah Quinlivan, Talitha Kennedy, Dr Julie-Anne Milinski.


Artist: Hannah Quinlivan
Medium: Acrylic, LED lights, aluminium

Hannah Quinlivan is currently a PhD candidate within the ANU School of Art & Design in Canberra. Her multi-disciplinary practice evades definition as she moves seamlessly between textiles, spatial drawing, sculpture, design, installation and public art, exploring contemporary concerns around history, ecological and economic crises, emotional acuity, and impermanence in her own distinctive and strikingly recognisable style. Her exhibition credits include the 2019 international survey of contemporary textile art MINIARTEXTIL in Como, Italy, and solo exhibitions at Jan Kossen Contemporary, New York, Hong Kong Art Central, Colorado State University and a collaborative drawing performance at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin


Exhibition: Residuals and residues

Situated in the expanded field of drawing, Residuals and residues explores the ways in which the residues of history shape our present experiences. It investigates the complex entanglement of Raymond William's notion of "structures of feeling" with the remnants of the past, and how this relationship relates to the politics of place. These works use experimental methods of spatial drawing to examine the intricate details of everyday life, including the textures, patterns, and tones of thought and feeling that shape our sense of identity, place, and social relations — residues and residuals of history.




Image credit

Hannah Quinlivan, Residuals and Residues – detail


Explore Hannah Quinlivan's Exhibition in our 3D Space:


 Explore Hannah Quinlivan's Exhibition opening featuring performance by mezzo-soprano Shikara Ringdahl

Hannah Quinlivan | Shikara Ringdahl from artisan on Vimeo.