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Daniel Agdag + Glen Skien - CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD

Daniel Agdag + Glen Skien - CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD

MAIN GALLERY | 24 February - 8 June 2024 

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Opening event 23 February 2024
Glen Skien Masterclass 20 April 2024

2 solo shows in one gallery demonstrating an astonishing level of mastery in model making. Both Agdag and Skien are highly skilled fibre artists and storytellers, working with cardboard and manipulated papers.

Daniel Agdag - The Public Office
Glen Skien - Object Poems 


 Artist:  Daniel Agdag 

Daniel Agdag is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited widely both within Australia and overseas. Using cardboard as his primary medium Daniel Agdag’s practice is situated in the intersection between modelmaking, sculpture and cinematography.
He is inspired by the overlooked, concealed mechanisms and systems that enable the industrialised world to function, and often explores the playful, fantastical realms of invention and imagination. His highly detailed sculptural pieces have been described as architectural in form, whimsically antiquated in nature and inconceivably intricate. His finely detailed architectural and machinery models, and immersive miniature-urban-built environments are created entirely from cardboard. Agdag’s handcrafted and highly sophisticated modelling techniques inspire and fascinate audiences. His fantasy narratives are deepened through storytelling in beautifully produced stop motion video animations.

 Exhibition: The Public Office

Lost Property Office is a meticulously hand–crafted stop-motion animated short film by Artist and Filmmaker Daniel Agdag and Producer Liz Kearney.

The art deco, post–industrial inspired world was realised by hand in Daniel’s beloved medium of cardboard over a preproduction period of 18 months. The entire film was fashioned from over 2,500 sheets of recycled cardboard, patiently hand-cut using 1,287 scalpel blades to create 1258 elaborate set pieces and delicate individual props.

This exhibition features the stop motion video and the intricate cardboard models used to make it.



Artist:  Glen Skien
As an authoritative figure of the Queensland art scene, Glen Skien has spent a major part of his exhibiting life as a printmaker and author of objects in the Central Queensland coastal city of Mackay. After completing a signwriting apprenticeship and travelling in Europe, he returned to Townsville, graduating with a Diploma of Fine Arts in 1988. Since 1990 he has exhibited consistently throughout regional Queensland and elsewhere. In 2007 he relocated to Brisbane to complete his doctoral studies in printmaking at Griffith University, Queensland College of the Arts.


Skien’s paper, board and fibre constructions intentionally evoke nostalgic responses. As a set designer with a deaf theatre ensemble, he discovered how objects and surfaces may generate and reveal their own narratives. His intriguing universal and personal chronicles are expressed through the juxtaposition of found and made materials, combining stitching, printmaking and other highly skilled artisanal techniques.

Exhibition: Object Poems

Using collected fragments of paper, cardboard and old photographs in multiple assemblages, this installation interrogates the human condition, questioning and examining Australian identity, social histories, connections to place and urban mythology.

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Hero image:

Glen Skien - OBJECT POEMS (detail) 2023/4. Mixed Media installation: Cardboard, found photographs, thread. Dimensions variable

Daniel Agdag - The Latitudinal (detail). 2017.


Daniel Agdag - Royce Hotel Building (detail). 2017. 86x18x17cm.

Glen Skien - OBJECT POEMS (detail) 2023/4. Mixed Media installation: Cardboard, found photographs, thread. Dimensions variable




Explore Daniel Agdag + Glen Skien's CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD Exhibition in our 3D Space: