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2024 Artisan Residency Program Artist Announcement

2024 Artisan Residency Program Artist Announcement


Artisan Residency Program 2024
Artisan announcement


artisan is announcing the selected artists for our new Artisan Residency Program, supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. These residencies have been developed by artisan to elevate careers and offer opportunities for emerging and established artisans to expand their practice create new works and engage with new communities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Arts Queensland for their invaluable support in fostering Queensland artistic talent and innovation. We extend out thanks to residency selection panellists Barbara Heath, Elizabeth Shaw, Aimee Frodsham and Edwina Corlette for their time and expertise.



Residency 1 – Canberra Glassworks - Erin Conron
We are delighted to award the Canberra Glassworks residency to glass artist Erin Conron. Conron is an established Sunshine Coast glass artist who will embark on a six-week residency in Canberra, collaborating with local experts to create a captivating new body of work. Conron will explore the optical effects and dualities inherent in glass, pushing boundaries of technique and form. Her innovative works will be showcased in an exhibition at artisan from November 2024 to March 2024.

Erin Conron residency 2




Residency 2 – artisan Brisbane - Regi Cherini
We are pleased to announce Regi Cherini as the recipient of the regional artisan residency. Regi Cherini, a talented craft and design practitioner, currently residing in Far North Queensland, will travel to Brisbane for a six-week residency with artisan. Through this residency, Regi will delve into the contemporary needlecraft movement, exploring the unconventional and subversive potential of embroidery to address issues of gender, equality, class and culture. During her residency Regi will undertake mentorship with textile and cross-stitch artists, partake in and present workshops, and present collaborative artist talks alongside other Queensland textile artists. The residency will culminate in an exhibition art artisan from November 2024 to March 2025.


Regi Cherini 





These residencies represent significant milestone in the artistic journey of Erin Conron and Regi Cherini, offering them invaluable opportunities for growth, experimentation, and collaboration. We look forward to witnessing the transformative impact of these residencies on their artistic practice and engage audiences with their thought-provoking creations. For further information about the residencies and upcoming exhibitions, please contact artisan or visit our website.


Third Party Quote

"I'm excited about Erin being selected for the Canberra Glassworks Residency. With her diverse skills in glass blowing, printing, and painting, she's a fantastic artist who fits perfectly into our program of expanding glass practices. This opportunity provides the perfect platform for growth through mentorship and exploration. 

The collaboration with artisan, bringing together artists from Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory, adds another layer of excitement. I'm confident that Erin's talents, combined with the supportive environment of Canberra Glassworks and artisan, will lead to a beautiful exhibition. This residency highlights the power of shared skills, creative exploration, and the exchange of ideas." 
- Aimee Frodsham – Artistic Director Canberra Glassworks




artisan is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.



Image credits:   

Hero image: Erin Conron, Arc, glass, 39 x 34 x 31cm, 2018. Photography Adam McGrath.

Erin Conron, Intersect, glass, 85 x 85 x 7cm, 2021. Photography Dave Gleeson.

Regi Cherini, Pink Tax series, 43 x 33cm each, 2021.