Large Standing Tall Series Sculpture

Joanne Braddy

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Unique handbuilt and hand-glazed ceramic sculpture fixed on a timber base. Original sculpture from the Standing Tall Series' by Brisbane visual artist Joanne Braddy.

Visual artist Joanne Braddy creates artworks that can be described as ‘Expressionist’ portrait painting, sculptural, framed drawings including expressive words.

Weight: 1800g
Dimensions: Standing tall #1 Height=24.5 Timber base =11x11cm / Standing Tall #2 Height 23cm Timber base=11x11cm / Standing Tall #3 Height=27.5cm Timber base=11x11cm

“The symbolistic theme of my artwork is about identifying the strength of the human mind, investigating a range of emotions. Through my artwork, I wish to display a range of emotional imagery in which viewers can connect to and feel visually inspired.” Joanne Braddy

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