Illyswall Ceramic Doll Vase (Lavender check)


This beautiful Doll's vase features a pastel lavender print. Perfect for decorating any space with dried or fresh flowers from the garden. This beautiful hand formed ceramic vase has been lovingly made by Illy's Wall (Hye Youn Shin) at her Gold Coast home studio. As a trained industrial designer, Hyeyoun created her small sculptural vases to decorate small spaces.
Weight: 104g
Dimensions: H:125mm, W: 45mm, D: 30mm

“After I moved to Australia about ten years ago, my husband and I had nothing... Every time I move to new house, I needed to make that place comfortable, but I didn’t want to have a lot of stuff in my life so I put dried plants near my bed and hung small pictures on the wall. I think that was the start my obsession.” Hyeyoun Shin

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