Dog Cushion Cover

Daisy Hamlot

100% linen, individually screen-printed cushion cover with side zip. Artwork design by Daisy Hamlot, from the Hopevale Arts Centre.

Daisy Hamlot (nee Bowen) is a senior Thuupi Warra elder. She was born at Cape Bedford in 1937 to Ted and Nancy Bowen. Her totems are the Waandarr (White Cockatoo) from her father's side and Ngamu Ngaagau (Dingo) on her mother's side.

Weight: 54g
Dimensions: L: 50 W: 51cm

Daisy recently discovered a love of painting.  She is well known for her whimsical paintings about “Guuda” (dogs).  “My paintings are about my two pet dogs 7-O and Granny-Boy, they are cute and friendly”. Daisy Hamlot

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