Main Gallery

Celebrating diversity and inclusivity, Made / Worn includes the work of 20+ contemporary jewellery artists working in Australia now.

Jewellery is an act of art, craft and design, and also lives and breathes on the bodies of those who wear it. From intimate pieces to large scale works, the contemporary jewellery in this exhibition explores the act of making and how jewellery is worn on the body, telling stories that start with the artist and continue through the life of the object as a worn and viewed item, creating new resonances with owners into the future.

Spanning a wide range of materials, techniques and meanings, the works on display are playful, intricate, conceptual, personal and political. The artists also engage with themes of place, sustainability in materials and identity.

Toured by the Australian Design Centre.
Image: Vicki Mason, Eucalypt and wattle flowers, 2019. Photo: Andrew Barcham.