ABOUTFACE – Make your mask

ABOUTFACE – Make your mask

In these extraordinary times, the iconic image of the surgical mask has emerged as a symbol for COVID-19 and the era of social distancing.

To document this, artisan invites the making community to make, remodel, rework, embellish and decorate the simple home-made surgical mask as a creative reflection of the current global experience. Once made, you can submit your mask(s) into artisan’s ‘ABOUTFACE’ online exhibition.

Step 1: HANDMAKE – Make your mask

Make, remodel, rework, embellish and decorate your mask as your creative reflection of the present universal experience.

  • You might like to base your mask on one of these simple mask patterns, or something similar. Mask pattern 1 / Mask pattern 2.
  • No matter which pattern, the maximum size for each mask is 40cm wide x 40cm high x 40cm.
  • Your mask does not need to be practical but can be if you would like.
  • A maximum of three masks per maker will be eligible to submit to the exhibition.
  • Submitted masks may be deemed unsuitable for handling or display by artisan staff, including:
    • Works made from highly perishable or dangerous materials.
    • Works deemed by artisan staff to be of a derogatory or offensive nature.

"Surgical masks carry great meaning. Filtering more than our breath, they can partially obscure our identity while protecting ‘us’ from ‘it’, and ‘them’ from ’us’. We want you to bring your understanding and experience of this extraordinary time to the surface, using the mask as a starting point." Cassandra Lehman, artisan

Step 2: ABOUTFACE – Submit your mask 

Once your mask is made, submit it to our ‘ABOUTFACE’ online exhibition. All submitted masks will be documented and uploaded.

  • Submissions are open to all.
  • There is a limit of three entries per person.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Submissions close 31 May 2020

In acknowledgement of the indiscriminate nature of this crisis, to make this a level playing field, individual works will only be identifiable by the title of the work and a number. A separate list of all makers’ names will accompany the works. 

  • When you submit your mask to the ‘ABOUTFACE’ online exhibition, you will also be invited to be considered for its inclusion in the physical 'ABOUTFACE' exhibition in artisan’s new Machinery Street exhibition space (across from artisan in Bowen Hills).
  • A selection of makers will be exhibited in the physical 'ABOUTFACE' exhibition.
  • Maker's exhibited in the Machinery Street exhibition will have the option to offer their work for sale, for a flat fee of $250 (subject to artisan's commission).

"These masks will endure and serve as a document for right now, for what we are going through and who we really are, in the face of Covid-19." Cassandra Lehman, artisan

If you have any queries or would like more information about this project, contact artisan.